Monday, August 21, 2006

Phew! The First Birthday Party is Over.

Birthday Girl
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What with Aunt Kathy, Grandma Edna, and Norma, Alejandra, and Jose visiting for the weekend, Julia was too excited to do much napping. She wanted to go, go, go! So we were worried that she'd have a meltdown at her party, but she did fine. She is a party animal!

There were over 40 people at Julia's party on Saturday. She is a very lucky girl to have so many people love her so much that they would give up a Saturday afternoon to watch her smear cake all over herself!

Julia has been feeding herself for months, so she didn't get too, too dirty with the cake. She's got good aim. That, and she was soo tired that she didn't have the energy to thow a lot of cake around. This was a messy as she got. Final Fistsful Which, while not a mess to sneer at, was nowhere near as messy as other 1 year olds I've seen.

After the cake we opened presents. Well, truthfully, there were so many presents that I began opening them while she was eating cake, just so people could see their presents opened and leave if they needed to. But after we got her cleaned off and dressed again, Julia joined in the present opening. She liked pulling off the ribbons best.
Playing with the ribbons

The party lasted about 4 hours, but finally the last guests (my parents) staggered home and we began wearily cleaning up. Julia, of course, slept through that part...
Sleeping like the dead

I'm glad we had the party, I'm glad that even though she was tired, Julia had a good time. But I'm also glad that we will never again have to throw a birthday party that big. From now on it'll be kids only (with their parents, of course).

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Love the cake-face shot.

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